Mind what you eat so that every morsel creates positive energy 
The stabilization of blood sugar levels is greatly influenced by our diet. Eat the wrong foods and your sugar levels will spike really high. Eat the right kind of foods and you can easily stabilize your blood sugar levels. The one place we spend a lot of time at is glycemic index (GI). There you can learn a lot about the good and bad carbohydrates and this applies to diabetics and heart disease along with many other ailments. Follow these guidelines to help you prevent diabetes 
Eat more smaller meals a day and cut out the snacks  
Eat whole wheat products  
Eat low fat dairy products  
Eat more fish and low fat meat . Fish contains oils and are rich in omega-3 oils 
Eat lots of vegetables  
Eat lots of fruit 
Stay away from high calorie drinks and limit diet soda. Water is much healthier 
Stay away from fat free food because it can create a yo-yo effect with your blood sugar levels

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