You've dieted and you've exercised, yet you still have those stubborn fatty areas that you just can't seem to budge?

If you are encountering obese problems and you have tried almost every diet plan and exercising program in your attempt to lose the extra kgs but you have come up with poor results, you should really think about trying i-Lipo ,delivering you a slimmer, sexier and tighter body figure!

Introducing for the FIRST TIME IN KARNATAKA “THE NEW GENERATION IDEA FOR THE PERFECT BODY SHAPE” ,a completely non-invasive technique which can guarantee your safety and the absence of side effects that is called i-Lipo [ Product of UK ]

The i-Lipo Fat Burning Laser is an USFDA approved technology .

i-Lipo Won "Best Slimming Treatment" at "Les Victoire De La Beaute" France.

i-lipo works its magic by emitting low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells that are being targeted, the fat cells then release their contents that is mainly fat which the body absorbs and is then burned off during exercise, creating a fat free, shapely new you.
The results can be seen immediately with a 30% reduction in fat layer and 2-4 cms after just one treatment and the more treatments you have the better the results look, you can have as many treatments as you like, wherever there is stubborn fat that can't be budged through diet and exercise alone including, arms,legs, bottoms, thighs, tummy, hips, double chin (s), waist, male breasts but not female.
The standard treatment protocol is one 20 minute treatment 2 times a week for a month resulting in a total of 8 treatments, but you can have more if you want to.We then make you exercise for 30 minutes to burn off this energy for a permanent reduction of fat cells. The cells literally spill out their content and go from grape-size to raisin-size. A post treatment exercise is required to burn off the released energy and to prevent it from getting restored. Drinking water helps in the lipolysis. Due to the caloric load that is released into the system, only one area will be treated per session. We don’t want to overload the body with too many calories where you’d have to spend hours in the gym to work it off. 
We want your success 
There are no known side effects however you will have to complete a medical questionnaire before treatment begins just to be on the safe side and there are some contraindications that you should be aware of before having the treatment,all these will be explained to you beforehand.
Benefits of ilipo treatment are:

  • No Pain
  • No Surgery
  • No Downtime
  • No Anesthesia
  • No Infections
  • No Massage
  • Clinically Proven
  • Absolutely safe and painless
  • Affordable Treatment
  • Target Specific areas
  • Convenient
  • Immediate Result
  • Male and Female
  • Improves Your Health
  • Studies have demonstrated a reduction in cholesterol and improved Lipid panels

Q:How many treatments will I need?
A:To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended, per body area. These treatments should be taken twice per week at regular intervals.
Q: Which areas of the body can be treated?
A:The i-lipo course can be performed on calfs, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and chin. The i-lipo is a multi-pad system that makes treatment fast and efficient. Typical treatment times are 10 minutes.
Q: What inch loss could I achieve from this treatment?
A:This will vary from person to person depending on your size, but the results from the treatment will be greatly improved by your commitment to the treatment. A healthy diet needs to be adhered to and an exercise program is important to follow to enable the released fat to be used up as energy. This should be done the same day as your i-lipo treatment.
Q: Does it hurt?
A:The i-lipo is a low level laser also sometimes known as a cold laser because most people feel very little when it is used on them. i-lipo is a comfortable relaxing treatment where the typical sensation felt is just a slight warmth where the pads are in contact with your skin. The process is extremely relaxing. The most you’ll feel is a slightly warm sensation in the treatment area. In fact, you could bring a book or your iPod and completely chill out.
Q: Is it suitable for men and women?
A:The i-lipo treatment works equally well for both.
Q: Can everyone have the treatment?
A:As with most treatments in your clinic, there are a few medical conditions that would stop us from performing the treatment. Your i-lipo therapist will go through a full health and medical questionnaire with you before your first treatment to ensure you are suitable. This will also include a detailed description of the treatment and time for any questions you may have.
Q: How long will the results last?
A:Booster treatments are not necessarily needed with the i-lipo, as long as your weight, diet and exercise is maintained. One treatment performed now and again is a good incentive to keep you in control.
Q: How safe is Laser Lipo?
A: It is completely safe, Laser Lipo low level laser technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for many biomedical purposes including wound healing, pain relief and inflammation. Don’t forget either that this is not lipo ‘suction’ or ’Smart lipo’, and therefore has none of the associated risks and problems involved.
Q: Is the machine used CE marked or FDA approved?
A: Yes and what’s more......
Q: Which areas of the body can be treated?
A:Virtually anywhere there is excess fat such as · Arms · Legs · Bottoms · Thighs · Tummy · Post Delivery Tummy · Hips · Waist · Back · Double chin(s) · Male breasts (but not female)
Q: Where does the fat go?
A: Laser i-Lipo treatments result in the liquefaction of fats. The liquefied fat is then drained away by the lymphatic system which is responsible for removing wastes from the body. From here, they’re delivered to the skeletal muscles where – through exercise – they’re burned to CO2 and ultimately eliminated from the body as we breathe out.
Q: What happens after each treatment?
A: One can resume normal activities immediately as Laser i-Lipo is completely non-invasive with no down-time whatsoever. However, some form of exercise is necessary to burn of the drained fat (fuel) as energy.
Q: Can anyone have laser i-lipo?
A: Laser i-Lipo has no known side effects, however, there are a series of contraindications that prospective clients should be made aware of prior to starting a Laser treatment program. Here at Contours we ask you to complete a medical questionnaire just to be on the safe side.
Q: What results can one expect from the Laser Lipo treatment?
A: Measurable loss should always be noticed after the first treatment alone because Laser i-Lipo works instantly. Both male and female clients have found that those hard to reduce trouble spots can be treated quite significantly within just a few treatments. Although results can vary depending on the size of the individual, the area to be treated etc.
Q: How many treatments are needed?
A: This all depends on certain factors such as the area to be treated, your size,what you want to achieve. The standard i-Lipo treatment protocol is one 20 minute (8 paddle) treatment, twice a week, for 4 weeks. You can of course have more or less, and as the paying customer the choice is yours. Later if required,you can have the odd maintenance treatment if you’ve let things slip a bit. This is a cost effective means of keeping all your hard work and investment in check,should the need arise.
Q: What is Lipolysis?
A: Lipolysis is the process of targeting stored fats in fat cells. It releases the bioavailable fuels (free fatty acid and glycerol) so they can be used by the body as energy.
Q: How does Laser Lipo Compare to Natural Weight Loss?
A: The science behind it lies in its ability to stimulate the release of Triglycerides from the targeted fat cells. The process of releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol, from the adipose cells, is not only natural, it is essential for the human body to function.The human body is an energy machine; it intakes fuel (caloric intake), it converts the fuel into an energy source and stores it (as triglycerides in fat cells), and then releases it when the need arises (fat cells release stored triglycerides). The challenge in this incredible process is that sometimes the body stores more energy than it needs in its fat cells, resulting in an increase in an individual’s physical size. Thus, it is by targeting this excess energy storage, and by further stimulating the body to undergo its natural process of releasing it, the iLipo achieves its impressive results.
Q: Has i-Lipo been around long?
A: Well firstly, please don’t confuse this with other procedures such as Lipo ‘suction’or ‘Smart Lipo’. Both these are invasive medical procedures involving a Doctor or a surgeon. They also come with an extensive range of disadvantages and a hefty price tag. Laser Lipo or Lipolysis to give it its correct name, is a relatively new procedure that was introduced to the world market in 2007.

And last but certainly not least comes the value for money factor. Even the whole package of 8 i-Lipo treatments is much more affordable compared to the conventional methods of surgical liposuction with no compromises as concerns the final outcome.
In conclusion, i-Lipo can deliver you truly astonishing slimming results and a tighter, smoother body figure with the use of a revolutionary non-invasive technique and the advantage of no serious sides effects. Especially if you stick to the instructions of use during the procedure as well as after it, there is practically nothing to worry about!

So, stop hesitating and make the big step for a slimmer and sexier body.

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